We are proud to share our Sustainable Nutrition Manifesto: “Food that Tastes Good, Feels Good, and Is a Force for Good.”

Sustainable Nutrition Manifesto

Our Sustainable Nutrition Manifesto is guided by the vision of “Food that Tastes Good, Feels Good, and is A Force For Good,” and it lays out what we believe a global food company like ours can do to best accelerate progress toward a healthier, sustainable food system.


We believe in empowering people to make tasty, nutritious meals that fit their lifestyles and budgets. We encourage this in a variety of ways, from our delicious recipes made in 30 minutes or less to our Stone Barns Center partnership, which brings teachers from underserved urban schools to a farm in New York’s Hudson Valley, where they learn about the cultural, environmental, and social issues behind the foods we eat and carry those lessons back to the classroom.

“People are hungry for ideas that are healthy,” says Normajean Longfield, Unilever’s principal kitchen application chef. “But taste has to come first, because if it doesn’t taste good, they won’t eat it again.”


We believe in offering solutions that enable people to choose healthier diets. We help people make nutritious, delicious, affordable meals that fit their busy lifestyles and allow families to connect over the dinner table. Improving the nutritional profile of our products is only the beginning.

Our Knorr® Sides to Center approach offers recipes that pair our Knorr® Sides with lean protein and vegetables to make a nutritious, delicious, and budget-friendly main course. We also are expanding our initiatives to improve health in underserved neighborhoods by partnering with local government and nonprofit organizations to create urban farms, hold community cooking classes, and plant school gardens.


We believe in making food that’s good for people and the planet, with less impact on the environment and less waste. Through our Hellmann’s® Sustainable Soy program in Iowa, we have partnered with 700 farmers, who work with 680,000 acres of fields, to support responsible methods growing the soybeans that go into the oil for our mayonnaise. All Lipton® leaf teas are 100% Rainforest Alliance certified to preserve biodiversity and improve working conditions on tea plantations. Our Knorr® Landmark Farms initiative recognizes 45 farms worldwide that meet top sustainability standards, including reducing pesticide use on average by 28% since 2012.