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Acta Non Verba creates a safe, creative outdoor space for children, youth, & families in Oakland, CA. Through their Youth Urban Farm Project, ANV elevates life in Oakland and beyond by challenging oppressive dynamics and environments through urban farming.

Children at ANV farm

ANV’s three small urban farms located in the City of Oakland are planned, planted, harvested and sold by youth in grades K-10. One hundred percent of the proceeds are placed into individual savings accounts for those who participate, and the process increases their understanding of nutrition and healthy living while strengthening ties to the community.

Garden as classroom teaching model

Using the model of garden-as-classroom, children are encouraged to actively engage in a variety of activities. As each child grows up through the programs, they have an opportunity to mentor others, and the complexity of projects and tasks increases to reflect their age and skill set. With each concept mastered, the child is empowered to attempt the next; this process is necessary in order to excel at future endeavors, academically and otherwise.

Classroom activity

Growing Roots is proud to have helped support this vital work!