From morning to evening, show off your skills with these recipes with eggs

 4 Recipes with Eggs for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

If we were to list all the recipes with eggs we’d it would never end. Because even if we typically reserve them for breakfast dishes, eggs are quite a versatile food. That’s why starting today we encourage you to expand your culinary choices and try these egg dishes that you can enjoy for breakfast, obviously, but also lunch and dinner. Take note.

1. Easy Breakfast Casserole: Just because the name says breakfast doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy this complete, yummy dish for lunch or dinner. It’s hearty from the eggs, and a great option thanks to the 3 cups of vegetables. Enjoy!

2. Full of Veggies Frittata: With this recipe, in under half an hour you can delight your family with a veggie-packed, cheesy Italian favorite. And what’s even better is that you only need one dish to make it! Easy to make, delicious to eat!

3. Arepas with Chorizo, Egg & Avocado: Move over breakfast burrito, and make way for any-time arepas. This traditional South American recipe has the flavors of Mexico inside. Plus, it’s hearty and you can enjoy it for breakfast, snack time, or even take it to go!

4. Maille Deviled Eggs: Give this traditional appetizer a new kick with Maille Dijon Mustard. You’ll love – LOVE – how the smooth texture of the eggs combines with the mustard-y touch and the fresh parsley garnish. This is THE appetizer for your next family get-together.

So now you know: next time you’re trying to decide what to give your family, or your guests, you can count on the versatility of eggs to delight everyone!