Learn how to turn your homemade meals into quick and easy to-go lunches

 Finally! Homemade Meals to Go!

Are you always on the go? Are you so busy that sometimes you don’t even remember to eat, or just eat the first thing you find? If you can relate, don’t worry! You can make a change by planning ahead with recipes that you can prepare in a pinch, while even using up some of your leftovers from the fridge!

Lentil Citrus Salad with Goat Cheese: At the heart of this recipe is a delicious Latin ingredient, one that’s easy to work with and take with you: lentils! Thanks to the combination of Hellmann’s® Organic Original mayonnaise, vinegar and oranges, the lentils go from side dish to a meal that’s uniquely flavorful and is high in fiber and iron!

Lemony Chicken & Apple Salad Sandwiches: Have some leftover chicken from the night before? You can use it in this tasty sandwich and add an apple and some almonds for a nice crunch. It’s the perfect lunch for the office or wherever you may be!

Perfectly Crispy Grilled Cheese & Veggie Strangewich: Want something fast and easy to prepare? Here you go! The only thing you need to do is chop up leftover veggies and add them to make this crispy grilled cheese. Not only is using Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise® instead of butter delicious, but you can decrease your intake of saturated fat as well!

Grilled Chicken Salad with Avocado Lime Dressing: If we’re talking about homemade meals, this one is a classic, but with a touch of citrus. Use the chicken and avocados you usually buy at the grocery store, and combine them into a refreshing and delicious salad that is mouthwatering!